One Solution: Yours

Are you a manager or individual contributor looking for more challenge or greater satisfaction in your career? Would you like to identify realistic options for pursuing what’s next? And quickly put your plan into motion?

Or are you faced with complex relationships at work and have a sincere desire to improve them? So you can make the most of your own and each person’s talent, knowledge, and experience to achieve your common goals.

For more than thirty years, I’ve been working with leaders and people at all levels of the organization to analyze clearly, think broadly and act decisively. Now I’d like to do the same for you.

Let’s talk. To arrange a one-hour complimentary consultation, contact me at or 508.380.1188.

Gene Herbster photoListen. Assess. Act.

“I’ll listen to what you say and tell you what I hear. Challenging your thinking, testing your perceptions, then drawing on informed discussion and our collective insights, I help guide you to actions, solutions you can own, because they are your own.”


“Gene’s capacity to hear what people are really saying is uncanny. Not only can he hear, he excels in providing non-judgmental feedback in a manner that helps others understand and take action.”

Wayne Douglas, Former SVP Human Resources, Fidelity Investments

“Since I first took on a leadership position, I have used Gene as a trusted advisor. Any individual that wants to experience positive growth, will benefit from Gene’s considerable experience, coaching people at all levels.”

Dave Kane, Former Divisional VP, Arete Associates

“Gene’s coaching at the individual level was highly beneficial to me. He is particularly skilled and effective at insightful evaluation, creative solutions and leadership development.”

Richard Schiffman, VP Business Development, MarketAxess Corp

“Gene has been especially effective working with people at all levels of an organization to help them maximize their performance.”

Michael Beer, Chairman, TruePoint
Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School

“Gene worked with me to change my career from hotel management to wildlife biology. I got a graduate degree in that science and am now passionately involved in my work. His guidance and support were invaluable in helping me make this transition.”

Marea Gabriel, Conservation Project Manager

“Gene is the consummate professional; he listens extremely well and uses his skills and experience to isolate problems and work with others to provide solutions that fit his clients’ needs.”

Chuck Bolotin, Former VP of Sales, BioVigilant Systems

The next move is yours.